New in KBC Touch

September 2017

New in KBC Touch

September 2017

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What is new in KBC Touch?

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Work out financing home improvements with us online

Have renovation plans and can’t decide whether to go for an instalment loan or a home loan? Let us help you decide with our great new feature that suggests what the best option might be for you. Try working out a loan for your home renovations or improvements in KBC Touch today! If you’ve taken out a mortgage with us to buy your home, we let you re-use it to get a home loan for things like a new kitchen, extension or garden. That means you save on extra costs and there’s no need to involve a notary public.


Keep a clear view of your account

Show amounts reserved on your account (like card payment pre-authorisations) that are already deducted from your available balance so you always know exactly how much you have for payments, transfers, cash withdrawals or other transactions.

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