Discover Touch and Mobile

Doing your banking and insurance business has never been easier

Discover Touch and Mobile

Doing your banking and insurance business has never been easier

Bank quickly on the go with KBC Mobile

You're at the till paying by card for your shopping, but your payment is refused because there isn't enough money on your account.

You're on your way to withdraw cash at your branch when you suddenly realise that you've left your wallet at home.

Bank on your smartphone

KBC Mobile to the rescue! With our mobile app, you can take your branch with you wherever you go. It lets you quickly check your bank balance or transfer money no matter where you are, plus you can make instant transfers from your savings to your current account.

Pay by smartphone

Look out for KBC or Bancontact QR codes in the shops or online stores to pay for your shopping quickly and securely there using your smartphone. No need for your debit card.

Withdraw cash with your smartphone

You can also use your smartphone to withdraw cash at our ATMs without having to bother with your debit card.

Bank on your computer and tablet with KBC Touch

You're just back from your holidays, there's a pile of bills waiting for you and you're wishing you could make them disappear in a flash.

You're in the middle of renovations and you'd like to quickly check how much of your loan you've used to decide whether to go for laminate or parquet flooring.

Self-banking and lots more besides

We can't make your bills vanish, but we do make paying them a whole lot easier with KBC Touch, where you can sign all your transfer orders in one go. When using it on a tablet, you don't even need your debit card and card reader to transfer money, just your PIN.

KBC Touch gives you lots of other great features as well, letting you do things such as keeping tabs on your budget. Handy when it comes to choosing how you spend your money. In short, KBC Touch is your one-stop-shop for doing all your banking and insurance business:

How to survive an expensive month

These solutions allow you to stagger your expenses

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Choose the account that suits your needs. Switch your account easily in KBC Mobile or KBC Touch.