KBC Touch

KBC Touch

Use it on your PC and tablet

Put our Touch app on your computer and tablet and use both devices in turn or at the same time at home or on the go.

Get a digital housekeeping book

See at a glance where your money's going to every month and whether you might be overspending on certain things. Set yourself a budget and start keeping an even closer eye on what you spend.

Mobile banking with KBC Mobile

If you prefer to bank on your smartphone, KBC Mobile is definitely the app for you. It gives you the freedom to check your balance and transfer money with ease, no matter where you are.

Bank your way with KBC Touch

Our Touch app is there to make life easier for you. It's the ideal solution if you:

  • have difficulty getting to your branch during the day
  • like to keep track of your income and expenditure (our Touch app shows you this in a handy overview)
  • want to transfer money in real time
  • don't always have your card reader on you (you hardly ever need it with your tablet)

Successor to KBC-Online

Online banking has now become even easier and more efficient with KBC Touch. The latest version of the app has five main sections (Payments, Savings & investments, Home, Family and Vehicle), giving you quick and easy access to everything you need to know where you'd expect to find it.


Discover KBC Touch's key features and uses in the (provisional) overview below. We're constantly enhancing the app, so get ready for even more great features over the coming months. 


  • Transfer cash in real time between KBC accounts
  • Check your very own digital housekeeping book and categorise transactions your way (in 'Income & expenditure')
  • Open new accounts and/or apply for cards
  • View and pay bills sent to you through Zoomit

Savings & investments

  • See details of savings or investment products you have with us
  • Manage automatic payment orders
  • Pay more money into your pension savings plan

Home, Family and Vehicle

  • See details of loans and insurance you have with us
  • Simulate and apply for an instalment loan

Find out all about Home

Find out all about Family

Find out all about Vehicle

  • Send messages to your bank branch or insurance agency
  • View contact details for your KBC adviser(s)
  • Make, change or cancel an appointment

The latest features

Use our Touch app on your computer or tablet

A major advantage of our KBC Touch app is that it lets you do your banking in a number of different ways. Whether you bank on your tablet or computer is entirely up to you. KBC Touch is available for:

If you'd rather bank on your smartphone, install our KBC Mobile app to bank on the go 24/7.

Learn more

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Platinum MasterCard giving you the best in travel insurance cover

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Most popular Mobile app

Most popular Mobile app

Get our industry-leading mobile banking app. Over half a million clients use KBC Mobile for their day-to-day banking. Download it now and start banking with us wherever you are!

Questions about online banking and security in KBC Touch

Questions about online banking and security in KBC Touch

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