Work out your loan

Get a personalised proposal in just a few clicks!

Work out your loan

Get a personalised proposal in just a few clicks!


Planning for a new home?

Simulate your home project and see how much it'll cost you. Work out a loan that's feasible and ideal for you.

Renovation loan

  • Make your dream renovations happen
  • Work out your loan at a top-value rate
  • Apply for your loan online (even if you’re not a customer with us)

Garden loan

Want to landscape your garden or make it a bit cosier? We've got just the loan for you at the right price.

A loan for your home interior improvements

Make your place a bit more you with a KBC Home Interior Loan.

Energy loan

Building or renovating your home to make it energy-efficient? Go for a KBC Energy Loan and get the benefits.


Car loan (up to 3 years old)

Looking to buy a new car? Calculate your car loan and apply for it online.

Loan for a second-hand car (as from three years old)

Work out the best formula for your second-hand car loan and apply immediately.

Motorbike loan or scooter loan

New or used

Lening mobilhome

Bike or scooter loan

Thinking of buying a new or used bike or scooter? Nice! Whether it’s brand new or even second-hand, a decent one can be pricey. That’s where we come in.

Loans for various vehicles

Caravans, trailers and boats


Personal loan

  • Loan at 8.25%
  • Apply for your loan digitally
  • Starting from as little as 500 euros

Holiday loan

Travel dreams? Make them happen with a holiday loan. Calculate your repayments and apply for your loan online.