Work out your loan

Get a personalised proposal in just a few clicks!

Work out your loan

Get a personalised proposal in just a few clicks!


Planning for a new home?

Simulate your home project and see how much it'll cost you. Work out a loan that's feasible and ideal for you.

Renovation loan

Garden loan

Want to landscape your garden or make it a bit cosier? We've got just the loan for you at the right price.

A loan for your home interior improvements

Make your place a bit more you with a KBC Home Interior Loan.

Energy loan

Building or renovating your home to make it energy-efficient? Go for a KBC Energy Loan and get the benefits.


Car loan (up to 3 years old)

Looking to buy a new car? Calculate your car loan and apply for it online.

Loan for a second-hand car (as from three years old)

Work out the best formula for your second-hand car loan and apply immediately.

Buying a motorbike or scooter?

A KBC Motorcycle Loan lets you spread your costs over a longer period.

Taking out a loan for a motor home

Simulate your motor-home loan online and work out your monthly instalments.

Bike or scooter loan

Thinking of buying a new or used bike or scooter? Nice! Whether it’s brand new or even second-hand, a decent one can be pricey. That’s where we come in.

Loans for various vehicles

Caravans, trailers and boats. Work out what your loan will cost you in just two minutes.


Holiday loan

Travel dreams? Make them happen with a holiday loan. Calculate your repayments and apply for your loan online.