Got queries on installing, signing up and logging in to KBC Mobile?

Frequently asked questions

Got queries on installing, signing up and logging in to KBC Mobile?

Frequently asked questions

Signing up for KBC Mobile if you already bank with us

How do I sign up for KBC Mobile?

Install the official app from your app store. All you have to do then is complete our secure registration and activation process directly from the app.

Does KBC know whether I’m a customer or already using the app?

No. The way you answer the questions when registering to use KBC Mobile determines the version of the app you end up in. You can even use KBC Mobile if you aren’t a customer.

I previously registered as not being, but have since become, a KBC customer. How do I access KBC Mobile for customers?

You don't need to reinstall the app or register again. Just register as a customer in the app. Tap the profile icon at the top left or 'Banking & Insurance' at the bottom right.

What is a PIN?

This is the code you use to log in and sign transactions once you’ve registered your device.

Can I use KBC Mobile straightaway?

Yes, once you’ve installed the KBC Mobile app, completed the registration and activation processes (you only have to do this once), and set your PIN.

What is Touch ID (iOS), Face ID or Fingerprint (Android)?

Touch ID is the official name for the fingerprint identity sensor on the latest iPhones and iPads. On Android phones it’s called Fingerprint. It’s neatly built into the home button on your phone and lets you log in and sign transactions without having to use your PIN.

Face ID is the name for the facial recognition feature on the iPhone X. You can use it to unlock your iPhone X without having to enter your passcode.

Where do I set my Touch ID/Face ID/Fingerprint?

You can only do this in your device's settings.

Can I use KBC Mobile on more than one device?

Yes, although you’ll need to complete the registration and activation processes and set your PIN for each device. It’s up to you whether to use a different PIN for each device or to go for the same one for all.

Can several users work on the same device?

No, we treat a phone as a personal device and therefore do not allow it to be used by more than one user.

Don't forget that if someone logs in as an active user on a smartphone using the registration and activation procedures, they become the only active user on that device. This means that the previous user will no longer be able to log in (unless they complete the procedures again).

Can others log in and sign using my KBC Mobile app?

This can only be done using your PIN.

Note that anyone who adds their fingerprint to your device can log in to your KBC Mobile app and sign transactions using Touch ID/Face ID/Fingerprint

Why do I need to set up a new PIN or Touch ID/Face ID/Fingerprint if I replace my device or wish to use an additional one?

This is so that your new device is recognised for use with KBC Mobile and security is guaranteed.

Can I use letters and numbers in the PIN I choose?

The PIN for KBC Mobile% must consist of five digits. Letters are not permitted.

Signing up for KBC Mobile if you don't yet bank with us

How do I start using KBC Mobile if I'm not yet a KBC customer?
  1. Install KBC Mobile from your app store and open the app
  2. Answer the questions 
  3. Open an account with us right away or start using our app without one

You can use our Mobile app’s additional services without needing to be a customer. All you need for that is a smartphone linked to a mobile number.  

Can I add an account with another bank to KBC Mobile?

Yes, you can add one or more accounts by tapping 'Add another bank' under 'Additional services'. Once an account has been added, you can check its balance and make transfers from it.

Installing the app and logging in

Where can I get it KBC Mobile?

You can download KBC Mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Can I start using the app right away once I've installed it?


If you’re a customer

  • Register for and activate KBC Mobile using your debit card and card reader, the itsme app or your personal QR code (at your branch or insurance agency)
  • Pick a personal five-digit PIN 
  • Set up Touch ID/Face ID/Fingerprint if desired
  • Set your transfer limits (learn more about limits)

If you’re not a customer

  • Register using your mobile number
  • Use some of our additional services including paying by Bancontact 

If you’d like to enjoy the same benefits as our customers, you can open an account with us in no time using our app. 

Why do I need to share my location when activating the app?

If you are using itsme or the card reader to activate KBC Mobile, we will ask you to share your location, but only on activation. We do this as an additional security measure against potential fraud.

Where can I find my card number?

Your card number is a unique, personal number that you will find on your KBC Debit Card. You need it when going through the registration and activation procedures on your device.

After three failed attempts, my PIN has been blocked. What should you do now?

If your PIN has been blocked, you can request a new one using ‘Forgotten PIN’ in the main menu. This involves going through the registration procedure again using your debit card and card reader.

Can I change my PIN in KBC Mobile?

Yes, you can.

  1. Log in
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top left
  3. Scroll to ‘Security and privacy’ and tap ‘PIN’
If an account is added or removed in KBC Touch, is that synced to KBC Mobile?

Yes, changes are immediately visible in KBC Mobile%.

Why am I getting a ‘Card has been blocked for online use’ message?

If you get a message notifying you that your card has been blocked for online use it means you’ve entered the wrong PIN three times in a row when logging in. KBC Mobile lets you lift a block on online banking or contact your KBC branch. You can still use your card to pay in shops or make cash withdrawals from ATMs.

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