Frequently asked questions

KBC Mobile

Frequently asked questions

KBC Mobile

General queries on KBC Mobile

Having problems or got general queries about KBC Mobile? Find answers to practical queries here.

Queries on installing, signing up and logging in

Find answers to questions like how to install the app, sign up and log in to KBC Mobile.

Secure banking-related queries

The Internet has become a huge haven for hackers and scammers waiting for their chance to strike. At KBC, we do our utmost to protect you from online threats. How? Read about it under secure banking.

Payments-related queries

Find answers to your questions about current accounts, payment cards, self-banking and other additional services.

Questions about Kate Coins

Kate Coins are digital coins you can earn. They can be spent on cashbacks and discounts on our banking and insurance products. Learn more.

KBC Mobile’s Communication, Contact and Actions features

In this section you will find answers to questions related to communication such as how to use Doccle, or how to make an appointment.

Additional service-related queries

KBC Mobile is not limited to payments, savings or investments. It is also possible to rent a shared bicycle or to order tickets from De Lijn or the SNCB. You can find all the information about these additional services on this page.

Savings-related queries

Learn all about savings accounts, saving for your retirement and security deposit savings accounts.

Investment-related queries

Investing has its risks. You need to be well informed before you start. Find answers to various investment queries here.

Home-related queries

Looking to buy a home? Find answers to questions like how to work out the cost of and apply for a mortgage loan.

Family-related queries

KBC is there for you and your family throughout life's journey. Find answers to questions like how to take out travel insurance or invest for your child.

Vehicle-related queries

Life's highway can go smoothly or be a bumpy ride. Wherever it takes you, find answers to vehicle-related questions here.

Kate Deals-related queries

Like to know how the deals work or got a question about your cashbacks? Get answers to your questions here.

Questions about My Trustbox

My Trustbox groups together various documents and personal data in one secure place that only you can access.

The business section in KBC Mobile

How your business is doing? And what’s on your to-do list?