Additional services in KBC Mobile

Do more than just bank with our all-in-one app

Additional services in KBC Mobile

Do more than just bank with our all-in-one app

Our KBC Mobile app lets you do much more than just bank with us. Pay for parking, buy public transport tickets, order service vouchers and more besides. Do it all from a single app.

New services

Book a Brussels Airport Fast Lane Pass or Lounge Pass

KBC Mobile

Want more time and peace of mind when travelling? Easily buy yourself a Brussels Airport Fast Lane and Lounge Pass using KBC Mobile.

> Learn more about the Lounge Pass and Fast Lane Pass

eBox: view your government documents digitally

Raadpleeg je overheidsdocumenten digitaal met eBox

eBox is a secure electronic mailbox, an assembly point where you can securely receive, keep and manage your government documents digitally: calculation of your social security contributions, administrative fines, details on child benefit, your taxes, and more. The number of government documents that can be viewed there is constantly increasing.

Activate your eBox and link it to KBC Mobile

Store key details and documents securely in your digital safe

Digital safe in KBC Mobile

Our KBC Mobile app’s digital safe feature lets you keep key details at your fingertips. Store important information and documents like passwords, credit card numbers, warranties, diplomas and more.

Learn more about the digital safe

Tap into a growing list of services


Pay for parking with 4411

You can now pay for parking in a snap using KBC Mobile’s 4411 service. The exact amount is debited directly from your bank account.

> Learn more about parking with KBC Mobile and 4411

Buy De Lijn public transport tickets

Buy a De Lijn bus or tram ticket

Our KBC Mobile app lets you easily buy De Lijn tram and bus m-tickets in no time. It’s also cheaper than buying tickets by text message or from the driver!

> See how to buy De Lijn public transport tickets using KBC Mobile

Buy a train ticket

Buy a train ticket

Buy train tickets in no time and check timetables conveniently all right from our KBC Mobile app. It has your ticket for you within two minutes to show it to the guard.

> Buy train tickets and check train times with KBC Mobile

Park at Q-Park car parks with ease

Park at Q-Park car parks with ease

Park at Q-Park car parks without needing to take a ticket. Simply drive in and out using number plate recognition and beat the queues at no extra cost.

> See how to park easily with KBC Mobile and Q-Park

Rent a shared bike fast

Rent a shared bike using KBC Mobile

Our KBC Mobile app lets you rent a bike for the day from Mobit, Blue-bike or Velo Antwerpen.

> Rent a shared bike using KBC Mobile


Out and about in Brussels soon? Buy your 10-journey ticket with KBC Mobile.

See how to buy your 10-journey ticket


Check your meal voucher balance

Check your meal voucher balance with KBC Mobile

Link your Monizze card to our app to check your balance and recent transactions on your phone. Stay updated on your Monizze meal, eco and gift vouchers without needing yet another app!

> Check your balance using KBC Mobile

Order service vouchers

Order service vouchers using KBC Mobile

Our app lets you order and pay for service vouchers with ease, check your e-voucher balance and maximise tax relief on your voucher use.

> See how to order service vouchers with KBC Mobile

Other services

Send a registered e-mail

Send a registered e-mail

From now on, you can easily send important information by registered e-mail in KBC Mobile. Set up your e-mail in a few clicks and follow the status in your overview screen. Our partner IPEX will ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.

How to send a registered e-mail


You can link your PayPal account with KBC Mobile and get a 24/7 view – no matter where you are – of what you've spent and what's been paid into that account.

> See how to link your account

How do you start using KBC Mobile’s additional services?

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Already with us and using KBC Mobile?

Great! Dive into your app and start tapping into our additional services.

Already with us but not using our KBC Mobile app yet?

You’re nearly there! Get our fully-featured app and all it can do for you.

Not with us yet?

Download KBC Mobile and discover the additional services that are there waiting for you.


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